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The most powerful and effective egg candler we have ever produced. It has an intense narrow beam light source with a prescribed focal length. This gives maximum light penetration into the egg, making it highly effective on dark and mottled eggs. The light is so bright that it should not be looked at with the naked eye. The long life lamp is supplied by a heavy duty transformer and the unit is air cooled to minimize heat. A control is provided to vary the light intensity over its upper range, so only the amount of light needed can be used. Operating the lamp at less than full intensity can extend lamp life significantly. The light tube and the supplied aperture adapters make the unit usable to candle small, medium and large eggs. Even an Ostrich egg has been successfully candled with this unit. Chicken and turkey eggs can be candled without being in a darkened room. The unit is also an excellent unit for candling game bird eggs and many exotic bird eggs so hard to see into. It is an ideal laboratory unit and a must for zoos. STANDARD Hl-INTENSITY MODEL CAT. NUMBER INPUT VOLTAGE HERTZ SHIPPING WEIGHT 950-076 120VAC 50/60 9 Ibs. 950-077 230VAC SPECIAL ZOO MODEL 950-104 120VAC 50/60 12 Ibs. 950-105 230VAC

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