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16 Chukkar Partridge Egg Trays

16 Chukkar Partridge Egg Trays

There has always been a demand for Chukkar Partridge egg trays, as the eggs are bigger than quail and smaller than pheasant eggs. Our No. CHUK-80-ST Chukkar plastic egg tray is very similar in design to our No. PET-46 and No.Q-95 trays. The No. CHUK-80-ST holds 80 eggs and will fit Chukkar Partridge, Hungarian Partridge and Cotournix Quail. It is designed to double stack, therefore, you can, if you wish, double the normal capacity in the incubator. No. CHUK-80-ST New 80-egg Chukkar Partridge tray stacking model with post. Packed 16 to a carton. Shipping Wt. 13 lbs.

Our Price: $99.55

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