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Turkey Coop ¥Ö_ knock down

Turkey Coop ¥Ö_ knock down

The Coop-16 is the latest addition to the wide variety of coops offered by . This coop is ideal for larger fowl, such as turkeys and ducks. Despite its size, this coop is shipped knock-down making it ideal for exporting. This eliminates high freight costs associated with the exportation process.

The COOP-16 is made out of high density, polyethylene UV stabilized material which will provide the durability needed for continuous use.

Capacity of this coop allows for the housing of 4 or more turkeys depending on the climate and weight.

Dimensions: 38 ½” L x 23” W x 16” H or 87 x 58 x 42 cms

Our Price: $93.70

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