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20 Stacking Pheasant Egg Drays Double Capacity

20 Stacking Pheasant Egg Drays Double Capacity

This new model of pheasant egg tray incorporates stacking posts which allows the eggs to be stacked when collected on the farm and also stack two high on trays in incubators and other incubators, where the head room between trays will allow. This new design will enable many customers to greatly increase their pheasant egg hatching capacity without purchasing additional incubators. No. PET-46-ST NEW 46-EGG PHEASANT EGG STACKING TRAY/Packed 20 Shipping Wt. 13 lbs. No. R6X6 36-EGG TRAY TO HANDLE TURKEY OR DUCK EGGS IN ROBBINS INCUBATORS. Packed 40. Shipping Wt 27 lbs.

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