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300lb. Range Feeder

300lb. Range Feeder

The 300lb. Range FeederÜis theÜmost popular range feeder on the market. It is by far the best for its size, capacity, qualityÜand price.

New Features Include: Ü

  • New locks have been built into the lid, which now snaps into lock depressions in the body. ThisÜeliminates the lid from blowing off. We have alsoÜincreased the exentions onÜthe side of the rain shield. This works exceptionallyÜwell if you live inÜanÜarea where there are strong side winds.ÜThis helps to prevent the feed from getting wet and blowing out.
  • The body is constructed out of heavy-duty plastic material, with re-enforced ridges all the way around the sides. This allows the unit to easily handle 300 lbs. of feed.
  • FeedÜadjustments from the pan to the body eliminate metal legs. It is now possible to adjust the feed level directly from the pan. This hasÜbeen madeÜpossible through theÜnewly designed integration of the pan and body.ÜThis allows you to mount the unitÜin orderÜto adjust the feed level hight as needed.

This unit is ideal forÜpheasant, chicken, duck, and turkey, as well as, larger animals such as sheap, goat, andÜostrich. ÜÜ

Capacity: 300lb.

Feeds approximately 300 birds or 3 feeders per 1,000 birds.

Our Price: $309.78

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