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PEECO Complete Egg Vac System

PEECO Complete Egg Vac System
FAST: One operator is able to handle 12,000 to 16,000 eggs per hour. The lifter and recoil do all the work. The operator merely guides it.

GENTLE: Egg breakage is nearly reduced to zero using úSPEED-VACĒ systems. Vacuum Lift users have reported average egg savings of nearly 20% per egg case. Specially designed rubber Lifter Cups have the correct shape, precise chemical compound, and predetermined flexibility to safely cradle eggs at all times. This insures a positive, true break-proof grip on eggs of any size or combination of sizes.

DEPENDABLE: The egg lifters are foolproof in design and construction. Maintenance is practically zero and cleaning is only a few minuets periodically. The vacuum pump, motor, and tank will provide multiple years of trouble-free service. ECONOMICAL: PEECO "Speed-VAC" systems greatly reduce labor costs and time associated with the transfer of eggs. These units ineffect pay for themselves. No modern, forward-thinking operation can afford to be without and efficient, high speed Vacuum Lift System.
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